My books analyze the politics of the global economy, and assess global development issues

Politics Rules by Adam Sneyd

Politics Rules: Power, Globalization and Development

Fernwood Publishing and Practical Action Publishing 2019

“Just as [E.F.] Schumacher helped to break new ground in the understanding of development in the 1970s and challenged standard economic approaches to development, so too does Sneyd with his emphasis on the need today for a new critical direction in development studies given the relative neglect of politics in mainstream development thinking and practice.”

Progress in Development Studies

“Sneyd offers a thought-provoking and engaging guide that would be of great use in the classroom, and would also be highly instructive for specialists and development practitioners, themselves so often caught up in the politics of development without fully acknowledging it. Politics Rules offers a framework for understanding the politics of development, recognising its significance and plotting conceptual and practical ways to go beyond the narrow vision of development imposed by ‘the masters of the universe’.”

Gavin Fridell, St. Mary’s University

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Cotton by Adam Sneyd

CottonPolity Resources Series

Polity Press 2016

“A wonderful book that teaches us about history, globalization, geography, farming systems, labor, markets, politics and international trade. Sneyd provides a comprehensive overview of this remarkable commodity, while making a clear and persuasive argument about the need for alternative cotton production systems.”
William G. Moseley, Macalester College

“An important exposé of the cotton industry that opens our eyes to the way many businesses manipulate the media – and all of us. A telling example of why we all should look for and expose the story behind the story.”
John Perkins, Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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Governing Cotton by Adam Sneyd

Governing Cotton: Globalization and Poverty in Africa

Palgrave Macmillan 2011

“Adam Sneyd’s critique significantly contributes to the ongoing debate on poverty….”

Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former UN Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development

“This book offers a thoughtful and balanced assessment of the linkages between cotton production and poverty in Africa in an era of economic globalization. The book’s discussion of new governance initiatives such as corporate social responsibility efforts is both rich in detail and highly engaging.”

Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo

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