Moderator, Editor and Coordinator

My administrative competencies and service capabilities

Adam Sneyd moderates trade ministers & heads of international organizations at the WTO
Adam Sneyd @ the WTO


High-Level Plenaries on Cotton and Food Security

I have developed my skills as a moderator since the Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) asked me to moderate a plenary session that featured four trade ministers and several heads of international organizations. I have also moderated a high-powered plenary on climate smart agriculture and food security in Africa. And I continue to chair sessions at academic workshops and conferences, and often serve as a discussant on panels that fall into my areas of research.

Adam Sneyd at NEF 2018 Kigali


Scientific African and Canadian Journal of Development Studies

I am a co-editor of the Social Sciences and Policy Section of the new award-winning open access journal Scientific African, a partnership between Elsevier and the Next Einstein Forum (NEF). I also serve on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Beyond academic journals, I have served on the Scientific Program Committee of the Next Einstein Forum. In that capacity I contributed to setting the agenda of the movement that aims to advance science for Africa’s sustainable development.

NEF Scientific Program Committee in Nairobi 2019


International Development Studies, University of Guelph

As the graduate coordinator of Guelph’s collaborative International Development Studies (IDS) specialization from 2018-22, I helped students from twenty-one different Master’s programs spread across each of Guelph’s seven colleges to navigate their program requirements and engage with the IDS collaborative specialization. I also helped to direct PhD students in each of the thirteen doctoral programs that collaborate with IDS at Guelph, and serve on numerous advisory committees for students in a range of programs including engineering and rural studies.

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