Adam Sneyd


My graduate and undergraduate teaching experience

Graduate Teaching

At Guelph I have instructed a graduate course for the Department of Political Science on Development and Global Justice (POLS*6730) consistently since 2009. I have also instructed courses for the International Development Studies collaborative specialization since 2016 on Development Theory (IDEV*6800) and convened the International Development Seminar (IDEV*6200). Subsequently, after the IDEV masters specialization was revamped in 2017, I developed a new core master’s course in Development Theory, Issues and Process (IDEV*6200). This intensive seminar was launched in 2018 and ran from September to April as a full-year immersion in development studies.

Undergraduate Teaching

I have instructed courses for the Department of Political Science at the University of Guelph since 2009. I continue to instruct the department's introductory International Political Economy (POLS*3790) course, and I also instruct other courses on the politics of the global economy, including POLS*4200 and POLS*6730. I was one of the very first instructors at Guelph to utilize new technologies to enable experts to visit our undergraduate classrooms virtually. In the photo to the right, New York Times bestselling author John Perkins visits my POLS*2080 class back in 2011.

Graduate Advising

To date I have supervised two very ambitious and successful doctoral projects to completion (the late Olabanji Akinola and Steffi Hamann). I have also advised several highly-motivated master’s MRP and thesis students (Alyssa Hubert, Adam Gallant, Abigail Barrett, Carlos Falcao B. Alves, Chelsea Masse), and have supervised a number of excellent undergraduate research projects (Nick Bernards, Rashid Mohiddin, Gracen Johnson). I have also served as an external doctoral dissertation examiner at the University of Waterloo, and advised Dr. Charis Enns during her successful SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Tips for Publication Success

Watch an online lecture that I gave in June 2020 that aimed to help students learn about “Organizing Dissertation Research for Publication Success” at Mohammed V University of Rabat. Slides for the lecture are available – just email me.