My graduate and undergraduate teaching experience

Graduate Teaching

At Guelph I have instructed a graduate course for the Department of Political Science on Development and Global Justice (POLS*6730) consistently since 2009. I have also instructed courses for the International Development Studies collaborative specialization since 2016 on Development Theory (IDEV*6800) and convened the International Development Seminar (IDEV*6200). Subsequently, after the IDEV masters specialization was revamped in 2017, I developed a new core master’s course Development Theory, Issues and Process (IDEV*6200). This intensive seminar was launched in 2018 and runs from September to April each year.

Undergraduate Teaching

I have instructed courses for the Department of Political Science and the International Development Studies Program at the University of Guelph since 2009. I continue to instruct International Political Economy (POLS*3790) on the politics of the global economy. For many years I taught an introductory course on the Politics of Development (POLS*2080), and also instructed a course on the relevance and importance of case studies in international development (IDEV*3010).

Graduate Advising

To date I have supervised two very ambitious and successful doctoral projects to completion (the late Olabanji Akinola and Steffi Hamann). I have also advised several highly-motivated master’s MRP and thesis students (Alyssa Hubert, Adam Gallant, Abigail Barrett, Carlos Falcao B. Alves, Chelsea Masse), and have supervised a number of excellent undergraduate research projects (Nick Bernards, Rashid Mohiddin, Gracen Johnson). I have also served as an external doctoral dissertation examiner at the University of Waterloo.

Watch an online lecture that I gave in June 2020 that aimed to help students learn about “Organizing Dissertation Research for Publication Success” at Mohammed V University of Rabat. Slides for the lecture are available – just email me.

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